Face masks

I got myself a face mask. They’re not required here but it is recommended by the Scottish government and also now the WHO. I have been secretly wanting a face mask for years to filter out pollution from motor vehicles when I’m walking and cycling because I know how unhealthy it is to breathe. Now I have a great excuse with the added bonus that people won’t think me weird. Or at least, no more weird than I already am.

I got the mask from RespiTech. It filters out PM1.0 and PM2.5 pollution from motor vehicles as well as 99% of viruses and bacteria plus it’s made in the EU. This is the blurb on their website (no, they’re not paying me to write this):


I haven’t worn it out yet but it’s reasonably comfortable although I find it harder to breathe with it on. I’m glad I don’t live somewhere hot otherewise I think a face mask would be quite unpleasant.

I was also tempted by the virustatic shield which claims to deactivate viruses on contact but it can only be washed three times which is as big downside to a face mask in my view, especially one that’s quite expensive. There’s also no mention of it blocking pollution which is what I’m quite keen to avoid breathing. Plus it didn’t come in bright pink 🙂

Photo on 09-06-2020 at 10.18

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