Colours of spring

Everyone should have a trampoline. They’re wonderful things for every age. I like that I can get cardiovascular exercise similar to running but without the same impact on my joints. Ben took these great photos today. The colours in the background are so nice. In spring when the leaves first open they’re a light almost golden green. They gradually get darker over the summer before turning orange and red in autumn but this fresh green colour is beautiful.



2 thoughts on “Colours of spring”

  1. Great pics! One of my favorite things my husband did back in the day was make our deck extend so we could get on our trampoline from our back door without having to put shoes on. He also used pvc piping with a parachute stretched over it to create a dome top so we could jump in the rain and even during the winter without snow weighing down the matting and ruining the matting. It was awesome.

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