Perennial vegetables

I harvested lots of green leafy veg at the allotment today. I’ve remembered what the cauliflower-looking plant is. It’s a perennial broccoli that I planted last summer called Brassica Oleracea Botrytis Asparagoides.  It should continue producing these cauliflower-type heads for five years as long as I continue to harvest them. It’s only just starting fruiting these now.


I’m feeling very proud to have this much of a harvest in April in the north of Scotland. This time of year is traditionally known as the hungry gap when winter vegetables have been depleted and summer crops aren’t yet ready to harvest. I’ve only got these because I planted them last year.


I also picked some rhubarb which will become rhubarb crumble, a family favourite.


I gave Ben a haircut yesterday. My father remarked that he’s beginning to look like Albert Einstein, which, to be fair, is probably appropriate for a math professor but the hair was so long it was obstructing his view so I hacked it off. I think I did a good job.