Happy Easter!

Thankfully the Easter Bunny is a key worker in Scotland and he really outdid himself at our house with an Easter Egg trail, complete with clues! These were my clues and I found the surprise at the end which is a Booja-Booja chocolate egg. The Vego bar was in my cargo bike which has 3 wheels. Vego and Booja-Booja are the best chocolates on the planet. Thank you, Easter Bunny!



We told Daniel yesterday the Easter Bunny had coronavirus. He was skeptical and went Googling and discovered it was fake news.

If you’re looking for a different type of exercise workout to do at home I can recommend The Highland Hustle which is a Scottish dancing exercise video created by former world Highland Dancing champion, Gillian Brough. I’ve been learning Highland Dance for a year now and it’s very athletic and a good way to get fit and build strength in your legs. The exercise videos are for anyone but I think you’ll find it easier if you at least know how to do a pas de basque.

What’s especially wonderful about the Highland Hustle fitness videos is they’re filmed in beautiful Perthshire rather than in a boring studio. At least, the one I have is filmed against magnificent scenery. Here’s the trailer:

You can purchase the workout here. There are also some free online resources and live virtual classes.

I hope you all have a Happy Easter, wherever you are.