Resources for kids at home #COVID2019

It’s the first day of homeschooling and the kids have been following the timetable they created yesterday. It’s likely this will change as we figure things out but it’s working well so far. The schools have also provided work for them to do but Elizabeth hasn’t been given much yet as I think the teachers are struggling to keep up with the changes.

If anyone is looking for ideas here’s what we’ve got so far:

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 11.29.48.png

They started the day with PE.


If anyone would like to download this timetable as a template to make their own you can use this spreadsheet.

Here are some links to resources:

Glasgow Science Centre do live streaming every day at 10am –

In a Nutshell is a YouTube channel with entertaining and accessible science videos for all ages –

BBC BiteSize has activities for every year group and every subject –

The Body Coach is live-streaming a PE class on YouTube for kids every day at 9am –

Create stores, games, and animations with Scratch –

You can live stream the West End Production of Wind in the Willows

The children’s book illustrator and author – Mo Willems – has a series of “learn to draw” classes for kids 

Computer science activities for people who don’t have a computer –

Coding for kids –

Maths and spelling activities for kids –

I’m sure there’s much more. If you have any good resource links then please share them in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Resources for kids at home #COVID2019”

      1. I’m pretty impressed by anyone who manages the school run – I am in awe of how anyone gets all of their children out of the door at the same time five days a week 🙂 My kiddies missed the PE lesson over the weekend and can’t wait for it to be back on Monday.

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