Music, privilege, and virus incubators

Some music. This is Elizabeth playing The Blue Danube. I learned recently that Aberdeen has been through all this lockdown business once before. In 1964 there was a typhoid outbreak and schools were closed, there were travel bans, and people died. The source of the outbreak was a single tin of corned beef. Meat is… Continue reading Music, privilege, and virus incubators

On escaping to the Highlands during a pandemic and preparedness

I think Prince Charles made a grave misjudgment in coming to the Highlands last weekend. He was apparently well when he travelled last weekend but the key point is not that he was well but that he travelled last weekend. It was prior to last weekend that it became clear people were trying to isolate… Continue reading On escaping to the Highlands during a pandemic and preparedness

Outbreak #COVID2019

The Prime Minister now has coronavirus, as does the health secretary, and the chief medical officer is isolating after experiencing symptoms. They're dropping like flies. It begs the question of whether they've all been following their own advice of social distancing and washing hands. Boris Johnson videoed the announcement about testing positive and shared it… Continue reading Outbreak #COVID2019

Eating during a pandemic

On Sunday, for Mother's Day, I felt like a fry-up and since all the restaurants and caf├ęs were closed we made something at home. We had mushrooms, baked beans, toast, vegan sausages, spinach, my home-made sauerkraut, and vegan black pudding. The black pudding is made by The Bury Black Pudding Company and contains black beans.… Continue reading Eating during a pandemic

Lockdown with exercise #COVID2019

We are now in lockdown. I had hoped it wouldn't get to this but it seems people have not been obeying the 2m distance rule and so the government yesterday banned anyone from leaving their homes unless it's to go to work, get essential supplies (food or medicine) or go out for exercise. It is… Continue reading Lockdown with exercise #COVID2019

Resources for kids at home #COVID2019

It's the first day of homeschooling and the kids have been following the timetable they created yesterday. It's likely this will change as we figure things out but it's working well so far. The schools have also provided work for them to do but Elizabeth hasn't been given much yet as I think the teachers… Continue reading Resources for kids at home #COVID2019

A bumblebee, extraordinary changes for the UK, and thoughts on mother’s day for the most abused of all mothers

I got stung by a bumblebee yesterday for the first time in my life. Since all our usual Saturday activities were cancelled I took the opportunity to do some gardening and as I put on my gardening gloves I felt a sharp prick. Thinking it was a spider (I'm terrified of spiders and yes I… Continue reading A bumblebee, extraordinary changes for the UK, and thoughts on mother’s day for the most abused of all mothers

Physical distancing for 12 months #COVID2019

The behavioural and social interventions implemented by the government over the past couple of weeks will be in place for 12 months, according to this article from the government website - Consensus view on social and behavioural and social interventions. But there may be periods during this time when some restrictions will be partially relaxed… Continue reading Physical distancing for 12 months #COVID2019

Phantom symptoms

Am I the only one who has been feeling my forehead, palpating the glands in my neck, and imaging various other phantom symptoms, wondering whether I've caught the virus? Probably if you're not sure whether you have a fever you don't have a fever. Nevertheless, I decided to take my temperature just to make sure,… Continue reading Phantom symptoms

Cycling to the rescue

It's the last day of school today for goodness knows how long but it's not all bad. There are some benefits to this virus. For instance, there's noticeably less traffic on the roads, especially around the school gate. I think many parents have already withdrawn their kids from school. The air smelt cleaner and fresher… Continue reading Cycling to the rescue

Science press briefing #COVID2019

There was a good press briefing today with Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance in which they explain the reasons for the decisions the UK has made since the start of this outbreak. It starts at around 5 minutes. Chris Whitty explains the strategy, "The idea that we're going to put this virus back to… Continue reading Science press briefing #COVID2019