For the treatment of headaches

I got this terrific present from Ben for Christmas today. It contains 6 bars of my favourite chocolate with this prescription. It’s just as well I’m married to a doctor.


12 responses to “For the treatment of headaches”

  1. Brilliant, love chocolate, love even more vegan chocolate. Happy Beans on Toast Day everyone, peace on Earth happens when we ditch the crap and make our own new ways of doing things.

    1. Happy beans on toast day to you too 🙂

      1. Not sure it’s just me, but I cannot open any of your blog posts. I click on the Rachel M and it takes me to and I cannot see into any of your posts, none. I’m in the UK, in Wales, is there a problem?

        1. Strange. It’s working for me. It sounds like a browser issue. Try using a different web browser to test or try clearing your browser cookies and cache. Let me know if that fixes the problem.

          1. It might just be yet another thing that is going wrong with this old laptop. Have a laugh at my stupidity of not logging off and back on, or writing down passwords and now my dilema… I’ve blogged it today.

  2. Just one square?? That is torture.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Thanks, Victor. Same to you. And I agree: one square is very stingy indeed!

  3. […] my body has deposited around my middle so that I can zip this dress up again. I will still have my daily dose of chocolate for medicinal purposes. Wish me […]

  4. Just one square? Good luck with the dress, I’m sure you’ll manage it in no time with all that cycling.

    1. I don’t cycle as much as I used to. I used to cycle the kids to school every day but now we walk. I probably only get to cycle once or twice a week now.

      1. You must miss it. I do think it’s amazing the way you campaign for better cycling infrastructure and maybe one day the situation in Aberdeen will be a better one for parents and children.

  5. NOOOOO….the chocolate is CAUSING headaches. My blog is all about the caffeine cause!

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