BBQ cabins and walks in the woods

Yesterday we went out to Deeside Log Cabins to get a part for our shed (we bought our shed from them) and they have a wonderful BBQ cabin/spa/sauna that I took some photos of.


On the inside is a BBQ and very inviting seating area:


A spa:


And a sauna:


The whole thing costs about £18,000. I’d love to have one of these in our backyard. A BBQ hut would be quite useful in Scotland since it doesn’t get very hot even in summer. It would mean BBQs all year round, even when it’s snowing!

Afterwards we went for a walk at the Cambus o’May walking trails which are lovely although Elizabeth picked up a tick. The ticks always go for me and Elizabeth rather than Ben and Daniel.

We ate lunch at Riverside Cottage which was lovely. They have a pleasant outdoor seating area and vegan options on the menu.






You can walk all the way to Burn o’Vat from Riverside Cottage. It would make a nice day out. Park at Burn o’Vat then walk to Riverside Cottage for lunch then back to Burn o’Vat afterwards.

2 Replies to “BBQ cabins and walks in the woods”

  1. I want a BBQ hut but with an office for me so I can write in peace! 🙂

    Those pictures are wonderful.

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