An easy vegan meal, shed painting, and slim pickings

I’ve been making a lot of pasta with pesto lately. The kids love it and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings I have less than an hour between when my workday ends and my General Assembly course begins so I want something that’s quick and easy to cook. I buy the pesto sauce which is vegan, of course. Traditional pesto is made with parmesan which is not vegan but the one I buy is made with cashew nuts and really good. Most supermarkets sell it.


I mix the whole jar with the pasta and then add toppings like tomato, cucumber, lettuce, olives, and pine nuts.


It’s a quick and easy healthy vegan dish.

I put the kids to work painting the allotment shed today. They have never painted anything before but did amazingly well. Unfortunately it started raining – I did check the forecast and it was not meant to rain but it was just a passing shower so hopefully it’ll be ok. We only did one coat so there’s still more to do but we definitely have the best shed at the allotments now.



My pickings from the allotment have been slim so far this year. It’s partly my fault because I was so late getting started this year. But also the slugs ate every single one of my beans and the person volunteering on my plot mistakenly pulled out all my kale. But it’s not all grim. I’ve got some parsnips and leeks coming along nicely and today we harvested our first courgette.


I also got a whole heap of garlic. This was from bulbs I planted last year.


And even more exciting, the first of my blueberries and gooseberries are ready.


I’d never eaten a gooseberry until yesterday and they’re rather yummy. Our gooseberry bushes are still quite small because I only planted them a few months ago but hopefully in the years to come we’ll get lots of fruit from them.