Willows Animal Sanctuary

It has been a while since we went out into the country for a Sunday outing because our weekends have been full of gardening, allotmenting, and kid activities. Today we had a free day and I decided to skip the allotment this weekend. I have had a helper sharing my plot and although she’s done a terrific job, she was a little too enthusiastic with the weeding and pulled out all my kale. That was previously the main reason I went every weekend – to harvest kale for us to eat. Now there’s nothing there I’ve lost of a bit of enthusiasm. She was very apologetic about it.

Instead we had a lovely day at Willows Animal Sanctuary just north of Aberdeen near New Pitsligo. The sanctuary takes neglected, abused, and unwanted animals. They have horses, goats, donkeys, cats, rabbits, chickens, pigs, owls, guinea pigs, sheep, turtles, snakes, cows … and more.

The cats have a lovely “hotel” area but can come and go as they please. Their beds are in a barn with some horses but the door is open and they roam all over the place and are very friendly.







This pig fell off a truck as a piglet en-route to the abattoir.




Willows is a wonderful, well-run sanctuary. The animals look well cared for and what I particularly liked is that the charity lives and breathes its philosophy and the cafe is completely vegan. There’s something that doesn’t sit right for me with animal sanctuaries that then serve animals products in their cafe.


The kids loved it and there were lots of other families there. They run on a shoe-string and depend entirely on donations. If you want to donate to Willows you can do so online.