Baking, gardening, and baby cyclamen

I’ve had the day off work today and it has been lovely to just potter around at home. I did some gardening and baking. Ben made hot cross buns this morning, just as he does every Easter.


I made scones.



Both scones and buns were both delicious!

Earlier this year I noticed my cyclamen producing large seed pods and I decided to try germinating some of them. I’m not sure how long it took, maybe a few months, but I’ve got several little seedlings now.



Today I very carefully separated them and put them in their own pots. The seeds have become large and clear:



I hope they survive the transfer. I’ve never done this before but it has been pretty easy so far. I collected the seeds from a pod that was starting to yield when gently squeezed.


Then I peeled off the outer leaves to see the small brown seeds.


I scattered these over some dirt and then put a thin layer of dirt on top. I kept them moist but not really wet. Now I’ve got some baby cyclamen!