Tinder for dogs

We’ve been doggy-sitting a friend’s pooch today. Meet Bramble:


Our dogs died several years ago and with the harrowing pain that came with their death and our move to another country we haven’t felt we could take on another dog. However I miss having a four-legged friend sniffing about the house and so we decided to register on BorrowMyDoggy.

Borrow My Doggy is a bit like Tinder for dogs in that you type in your post code to pair up with a dog near to you except that the dog is looking for walkies and dog-sitting rather than a date. You have to pay an annual subscription of £12.99 to contact owners but I think this is reasonable and helps to ensure only genuine dog borrowers register. For the borrower you get to have the company of a dog without the added responsibility of owning one. For the dog owner you can share walking duties and get dog sitting when you’re on holiday or during the day when you’re at work. It’s a win for everyone but especially for the dog. Bramble is a friend’s dog so we haven’t successfully borrowed a dog on Borrow My Doggy yet but I’ll share pics when we do.

I was thinking how nice it would be to have a similar service for grandparents and children. It could be Borrow a Grandparent for children who have no grandparents nearby.

5 thoughts on “Tinder for dogs”

  1. That’s a good idea. It’s like the reverse of the person who posted to the Freegle group I moderate “I want to Freegle my dog for a week while go on holiday” :-/

  2. What a genius idea, maybe my brother Rodney would like it. They had a dog, but with his wife Wendy having 2 strokes since then, they can’t take on another dog, but sitting one… I’ll suggest it to hike next time I see him (tomorrow).

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