Creag Choinnich

We walked up to the top of Creag Choinnich today and it was marvelous. It’s probably one of the loveliest hill walks I’ve done in Aberdeenshire. The views from the top are even nicer than those at Bennachie.

I love hill-walking. The effort required to get to the top is always rewarded with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.

The walk starts in forest.


We passed a den:


Woodland creatures.


As the tree line began to thin we got glimpses of the view.



Elizabeth went charging on ahead.


The village of Braemar, below.






Jumping shot.





It’s not a long walk: about 1.5 miles in both directions. It’s steepish near the top but nothing challenging and suitable for kids. There was some ice in places which was slippery but you can always walk on the heather which is soft and springy.

4 responses to “Creag Choinnich”

  1. Gorgeous views. Uphill walking and power walking, for that matter, has a lot of good physical benefits. Kudos to you, and your kids, for enjoying the great outdoors.

    1. Thank you! The kids enjoy it just as much as we do which is great. We’re lucky to have so many nice places to go hill-walking.

  2. Haven’t seen a jumping shot for a while, good to see some pretty views.

    1. The views were much nicer than I could capture on the camera but the photos still look pretty good. It’s hard to go wrong with the scenery and great conditions we had.

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