Courgettes and tomatoes

I’ve been so busy this month with cycling-related activities that I’ve neglected my plot. However I managed to get out there today and brought home more courgettes and tomatoes than we can eat.


I also got a couple of cucumbers and some broccoli and kale. I’ve got masses of kale but kale will grow all winter, albeit slowly, and I can pick leaves when I want them. The tomatoes and courgettes are coming to the end of their season. My courgettes look elderly so I don’t think there’ll be much more fruit from them. My tomatoes still have quite a bit of life though.

My plot is a bit of an overgrown jungle.



My tomatoes are doing really well. In June they were looking sickly and the leaves were curling. I bought some organic liquid fertiliser and added it to the trough (the plants are in pots of soil that sit on troughs of water and there’s a wick inside the pot that extends into the trough) and now they’re looking healthy and producing an abundance of fruit.


Most of my broccoli went to seed very quickly this year so I didn’t get much except for this purple sprouting variety which is doing well.


On the cycling front I’ve updated the Aberdeen Cycle Forum site by updating WordPress and installing a new theme. Please have a look and let me know what you think. I also attended a campaigners’ day in Aberdeen yesterday and we’ve got lots of good ideas for future campaigning in Aberdeen for active travel.

Autumn is definitely here. The outside is starting to turn orange and red and there’s a chill in the air. I’m looking forward to winter!