Almost a quarter Scandinavian

I took a DNA test to discover my genetic origins and apparently I’m 24% Scandinavian. This is a surprise given I don’t have any Scandinavian ancestry. I’m almost 50% English however and probably everyone with English ancestry also has some Scandinavian thanks to the marauding vikings. At least now I know why I like winter so much and don’t seem to mind the cold as much as other people do.

It seems like a strange thing to do: take a swab from inside your mouth and then send it off to a company for analysis, especially in an era of disgraced Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. But I’m not the only gullible victim. Indeed as soon as my results appeared so did DNA matches with other members who had also taken the DNA test. I have always been interested in my heritage. I feel a strong connection to specific climates and landscapes and I’m sure my genes are part of the reason.

What could go wrong with sending your DNA off to some commercial organisation? Now that they have my DNA they could frame me for a crime. That seems a bit far-fetched but it could make a good movie plot. I suppose if I’m a match for someone who needs a new liver then I could also become a target. Another good movie idea perhaps. Perhaps also it might affect someone’s access to medial insurance but that’s not an issue here where health care is free for all.

6 thoughts on “Almost a quarter Scandinavian”

  1. An interesting result. I wonder if fair-haired, blue-eyed Brits are more likely to have the Scandinavian origin?
    Also, I feel that if someone is going to frame you, they’ll manage to do so without your DNA test – I’m sure we all leave our DNA in the rubbish!

  2. I found mine fascinating, I had thought I would have had Scandinavian DNA but a mixture of celtic/gaelic, English and central European. Also been in touch with a 2nd cousin in America, he had been adopted and was trying to find more about his ancestry, so it was great to be able to help a little.

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