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  • Privacy versus lockdown

    Privacy versus lockdown

    There is a new outbreak at a chicken processing plant in Perthshire. It’s disappointing that we use the euphamism “chicken processing plant” rather than slaughterhouse which is what it is. Outbreaks in slaughterhouses have been quite common and it’s not yet clear why. It could be the cold temperatures or the conditions people have to […]

  • Almost a quarter Scandinavian

    Almost a quarter Scandinavian

    I took a DNA test to discover my genetic origins and apparently I’m 24% Scandinavian. This is a surprise given I don’t have any Scandinavian ancestry. I’m almost 50% English however and probably everyone with English ancestry also has some Scandinavian thanks to the marauding vikings. At least now I know why I like winter […]

  • GDPR aftermath

    GDPR aftermath

    May 25th has now come and gone and I’m hoping this will bring an end to all the emails I’ve been receiving on a daily basis. I’m a little shocked by how many mailing lists I’m subscribed to and have taken the opportunity to unsubscribe from lots of them. For many businesses it’s the culmination […]