Growing your own food

Climate Café no.5 was on in Aberdeen last night. If you live in Aberdeen I highly recommend this series. It’s an initiative of Aberdeen Climate Action, a community organisation for which I’m a volunteer, and we are spreading inspirational messages to encourage our communities to tackle the problem of climate change. Inspirational is absolutely the right word for our monthly Climate Café talks. Last night’s talks were particularly inspiring.

Bob Donald from One Seed Forward talked about his initiative to give seeds to individuals and communities including schools, eco groups, and allotments. The idea is  that one seed is given forward and two seeds are given back – for every seed potato they give they ask that you give two back in return. Every attendee last night went home with a bag of seed potatoes, including me. In 2017, One Seed Forward gave away 400kg of seed potatoes and 50,000 spring onion seeds – all for free! This year they have 625kg of potatoes to give away.


We also heard from Alan Carter about starting a community garden and how to make it work. Then Greg Walsh talked about The Allotment Market Stall which collects excess produce from allotments and sells it over the summer in Duthie and Seaton Parks. This reduces waste and returns some money back to the allotments for help with projects and maintenance. I’ll write up my summary of the talks on the Sustainable Aberdeen site later this week.


If you want to join us the next Climate Café is on Hydroponics and Permaculture and will be on April 3rd, 7pm, at Waterstones Bookstore, Aberdeen.