A couple of months ago Elizabeth started watching Zumbo’s Just Desserts which is an Australian reality TV cooking show. She loved it. I was amused by all the questions I got after she’d watched an episode, “What’s a bickie?”, “What’s an iced vo-vo?”, “Is Arnotts a real company “, and even (gasp), “What does Aussie mean?”. I clearly haven’t been doing a very good job of instilling Australianisms in her.

Since then we’ve watched Dance Academy which was a big hit with both kids and we’ve just started on Little Lunch.  Little lunch is what Aussie kids call the first break at school and the second break is called big lunch. In case you’re wondering, a bickie is a biscuit (or cookie), an iced vo-vo is a type of biscuit, and Arnott’s is an Australian biscuit company.

My favourite Aussie slang is spit the dummy which describes someone having a tantrum. A dummy is the Aussie word for pacifier and when babies spit their dummy it’s sometimes because they’re having a tantrum. After all, you can’t scream when there’s a dummy in your mouth!