View from the cycle path

It has been a while since I’ve posted a pic of the view from the cycle path but it’s time to make amends because the colours were so pretty on my ride this morning. There’s a lovely patchy blue/grey sky today and the landscape is full of autumn colours.



I was at my plot this morning doing some weeding and it’s starting to look really good now. A month ago it looked like this:


Today, it looks like this:


Earlier this week I had lunch at Foodstory and ordered a vegan lasagne which was superb. No animal fats, no cholesterol; just plants. I took a pic:


1 thought on “View from the cycle path”

  1. Your plot looks really great and in such a short time! We neglected our new garden during spring and summer due to other pressing issues/house renovation and are just now starting to get on top of things errr weeds… didn’t help that the pre-owners let the nettles grow undisturbed for 5+ years :D. Are you planning to plant something now/during winter? -Cheers, Katha

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