The ultimate doer-upper

I tried to convince Ben last week that we should buy this doer-upper:

It was built by Lord Sinclair in 1565 and Ben’s mother’s maiden name is Sinclair. Maybe it could be our bach (bach is the New Zealand word for a modest holiday home near the beach).

It’s true that we’re the most un-DIY family in existence and we need to hire tradespeople for even the simplest of things so I can see why it might not be a good idea. However we could just pitch a tent on the castle grounds and camp there. Elizabeth says she’d like it for her next birthday.


13 responses to “The ultimate doer-upper”

  1. Can you leave the old ruin up for historic interest and build a little cabin nearby on the property? There are some great prefab housing kits that claim they can be set up in a day or two by two adults. (Your mileage may vary….) Or if you insist on camping, have a small bathhouse with shower and toilet installed. Does the place have access to water? In California, that’s a big tipping point for real estate sales. No matter how beautiful the area, if you can’t get running water to your home, it’s worthless.

  2. I bet if you start figuring in the craftsmen required to re-build in keeping with the existing stonework, you would need to buy fire extinguishers for your bank account ๐Ÿ™‚

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