A weekend of vomit

I cleaned up lots of vomit on the weekend. On Friday night I was woken by the sound of Elizabeth wailing from the bathroom. I found her sitting on the toilet surrounded by a pool of vomit. Why couldn’t she have vomited in the toilet rather than on the floor next to it? I suppose I should be thankful that it was in the bathroom and not on the bedroom carpet.

On Saturday morning Daniel woke up to find he had vomited in his bed through the night. He’s the only person I know who can vomit without waking up. He also slept through a magnitude 7.1 earthquake so I suppose it goes with the territory. Unfortunately his vomit ended up on the carpet and blankets.

Why does vomit always contain diced carrots even when diced carrots have not been eaten? Ben has also been sick but thankfully he has avoided puking so far. I’m the only well one which means I’m either about to catch it or they’ve got food poisoning from some animal product which I don’t eat. I’m hoping it’s the latter.