Kia Kaha

I’ve had one glass of wine and I’m really pissed. I don’t want everyone to think I’m an alcoholic or anything because alcohol is best avoided. I don’t drink very often but I bought a half case of sulphur-free wine recently and I’ve really enjoyed it drinking it, especially the red wine.

The broccoli in my garden is starting to flower. I have some broccoli at the allotment but it was planted later and isn’t quite as advanced yet.


The blue poppies are also blooming again this year.


I have deliberately avoided writing about the terror attacks because I don’t think we should give the criminals the media attention they desire. It only adds fuel to the fire and encourages copy-cats. However I do want to send hugs to all those affected. Kia kaha is what the New Zealand Māori say and it means, stay strong.

Dinner is ready! We’re having spaghetti bolognese but made with red lentils instead of mince. Red lentils are a great replacement for mince. Meat-eaters like to laugh at me but my lentil meal is cheaper and healthier than the meat version and when I’m 80 and the arteries feeding my heart are clearer than the front windscreen of a freshly washed electric car, I’ll have the last laugh.