It snowed today!  We went to Queen’s View which is apparently one of the most photographed views in Scotland. It was beautiful in the snow.


Sister and family:



Me and family:


Sister and father:


Ben got his obligatory “bored in the snow” photo.


I got my usual “excited in the snow” photo.



Afterwards we went to see the fish ladder at Pitlochry. We’ve been there before but I still find the place fascinating. Pitlochry has a hydro-electric power station that was built in the 1950s. Due to an Act of Parliament in 1943, all hydro-electric power stations were required by law to preserve fish stocks and so a fish ladder was constructed alongside the power plant to allow salmon and other fish to swim past unharmed. There’s a counter at the power station which counts the number of fish; it’s currently at 6,449.


Here’s a close-up of the fish ladder.


The dam on the other side.


A selfie.


We saw some fish in the dam which seemed a bit strange. There were three about the same size as this one in the next photo. I think it’s a salmon. I don’t think this is typical as I’ve never seen a salmon hanging around the surface like this – maybe it was sick?


Here’s the power station from a distance.


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