My garden

I lay on the trampoline today looking up and this is what I saw.


Very soon now the trampoline is going to turn into a gigantic bucket of leaves – they’ve already started falling – but I’d still rather have the trees.

Here’s my garden produce on the dinner table tonight:


Everything on that wooden chopping board came from my garden. Isn’t that wonderful?

I’ve also got cyclamen in my garden. I’m amazed that they grow in the ground and without any attention from me. Years ago when I lived in Brisbane I struggled to get them to flower and look healthy. Here I just dig them in the ground and do nothing and they look beautiful. That’s my kind of plant.


15 Replies to “My garden”

    1. Well, I don’t. I lose some things to snails and slugs and various other bugs but enough still survives for us to eat.

      1. Ah I see. 🙂 My sister seems to have the same thing with her organic gardening and no pesticides – enough survives for her use.

      2. Yeah I would never use insecticides. I like all the helpful insects like bees and lady bugs.

  1. How beautiful, but cyclamen in bloom now?! Envious! (30C and December can’t get here fast enough for me.)

    1. That’s what it’s like in Brisbane where I’m from. But here it never gets hot and cyclamen seem to like this climate.

      1. I checked before planting them whether they’d survive and everything I read seemed to think so. I’ll keep you posted!

        I also applied for an allotment at the Garthdee lot but there’s a 2-year waiting list. This is probably a good thing because it’ll give me some time to bring Ben around to the idea 🙂

    1. The sky has been a very deep blue recently. I didn’t know that was the reason. It’s lovely.

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