Crathes Castle

My aunt and uncle are visiting this weekend and we so enjoyed our trip to Crathes Castle last weekend that we decided to do it again.


Much to my amazement we were told we could take photos inside provided we didn’t use the flash. The National Trust never let you take photos and so I’ve never taken any of the inside of Crathes Castle until today. I took a couple of the famous painted ceilings.



They also have a very old baby walker.


I managed to get some terrific jumping photos and can’t decide which of the following two are better so I uploaded both of them.



Daniel played with someone’s dog and loved it. He wants a dog but I don’t have time to walk a dog every day.






The view.


A walk in the forest.



One of the views on the way back home.


6 responses to “Crathes Castle”

  1. Nice photos as usual. I liked the second jumping photo as the shadow is unblocked by your body. 🙂

    1. Ah yes, you’re right. The shadow is good in that one.

  2. Love your “jumping photographs”! I agree with Chaitanya. The second one is more interesting because of the shadow.

    1. Yes, definitely. The shadow adds to that one.

  3. Beautiful, interesting photos! It’s so fun to tag along with you and your family on your adventures. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your photos are amazing, thanks for sharing! Have you visited Dunnottar Castle Ruins?

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