Growing your own potatoes

In March this year a few of us spent a bit of time in the school garden, weeding and planting new plants. My friend put a few potatoes in a sack of dirt and left it. No-one at the school was remotely interested and I don’t think they even showed or discussed it with the children. I think gardening should be a part of the school curriculum but they’ll probably laugh at me if I suggest it.

Before the summer holidays the sack was full of foliage but when school started again all of it had died down. I wasn’t sure what that meant as I’ve never grown potatoes before but I decided to empty the sack and have a look. Here’s what I found:


I was really impressed and offered them to a few parents who were standing around watching as I emptied the sack but no-one wanted them so we took them home and made chips:


They were delicious! Daniel even said they were almost as good as chips you get in a restaurant. He’s not usually complimentary about my cooking and so this is very high praise coming from him.