The school garden

I spent most of my day off yesterday in the garden at school with Ben and a friend, weeding and putting in new plants. There’s a small garden there but it has been neglected and is a pretty sorry sight. Someone at some point has put in some bamboo which was a big mistake because it just takes over and is impossible to remove. Someone also put in two cabbage trees – why, oh why? Cabbage trees are very common in New Zealand and they’re not the most attractive of plants (= butt ugly). They also grow very tall and constantly drop their long narrow leaves. There were also some tubs with nothing in them aside from a few crocuses so we filled those with plants too. Here are a couple of the tubs now:IMG_5094.jpg

This morning I was delighted to see lots of children standing around looking and touching the plants. It was like they were aliens who had just landed on earth and never seen a plant before. It was quite amusing.

It felt really warm yesterday. I got rather hot gardening and was thinking that it felt like summer. But then this morning I looked at the maximum temperature for yesterday and it was only 13.9°C. It just goes to show how the human body acclimatises to the local climate because 14°C in Auckland would have felt freezing but here it was almost hot. I prefer this climate.