Blue poppies

Another Saturday and another children’s birthday party at Codona‘s by the beach in Aberdeen. Last Saturday we also went to a children’s birthday party at Codona’s and I found the bike ride there incredibly stressful. This Saturday I took a different route and it was just as hard. I even cycled the wrong way down a one-way street but there really was no other option. It was either that or remain on a very busy four-lane road and somehow turn right across all those lanes of traffic. I was just trying to keep us all alive.

I hate Codona’s; especially after a stressful bike ride when all I want to do is sit in a quiet, dark place and relax. Codona’s is crowds and noise. But kids love it.





The beach itself is quite nice. I’m not really a beach person but I like the smell of the sea and it is nice gazing out on an endless expanse of ocean. I took this photo of a dog carrying a paddle for their owner.


A scruffy mathematician:


And me:


Cycling back home was stressful again but I found refuge in the garden where I discovered what I think is a blue poppy.


My beans have started flowering:


No idea what this is but it looks pretty:


7 Replies to “Blue poppies”

  1. Funny what kids like! Sounds like everyone got something out of the day.

    It does frustrate me that cycling can so easily turn into a nightmare experience when it should be an everyday right to be able to get around safely and healthily

    I think that is an aquilegia aka columbine. I had one at my other house. You are good at growing things!

    1. It frustrates me too but aside from writing letters to the council and politicians I’m not sure what else I can do.

      I think that is an aquilegia aka columbine.

      Yes! That definitely looks like it. I’ve never seen one before but there are several growing in the garden. I haven’t done anything, I assure you, they just seem to grow on their own 🙂

  2. The purple flower looks like aquilegia — or Granny’s bonnet as it’s sometimes called. We have one in our garden, it’s beautiful.

    1. Yes, you’re right! I knew you’d know what it is 🙂 They’re lovely. They look like origami flowers rather than a real flower.

    1. It is indeed a Himalayan poppy. I have it on good authority that that’s what it is and they’re apparently very fussy and hard to grow so I feel very lucky.

      1. Tried to grow them from seed, but wouldn’t germinate. Beautiful flowers too so I am glad for you.

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