Blue poppies

Another Saturday and another children’s birthday party at Codona‘s by the beach in Aberdeen. Last Saturday we also went to a children’s birthday party at Codona’s and I found the bike ride there incredibly stressful. This Saturday I took a different route and it was just as hard. I even cycled the wrong way down a one-way street but there really was no other option. It was either that or remain on a very busy four-lane road and somehow turn right across all those lanes of traffic. I was just trying to keep us all alive.

I hate Codona’s; especially after a stressful bike ride when all I want to do is sit in a quiet, dark place and relax. Codona’s is crowds and noise. But kids love it.





The beach itself is quite nice. I’m not really a beach person but I like the smell of the sea and it is nice gazing out on an endless expanse of ocean. I took this photo of a dog carrying a paddle for their owner.


A scruffy mathematician:


And me:


Cycling back home was stressful again but I found refuge in the garden where I discovered what I think is a blue poppy.


My beans have started flowering:


No idea what this is but it looks pretty:


7 responses to “Blue poppies”

  1. Funny what kids like! Sounds like everyone got something out of the day.

    It does frustrate me that cycling can so easily turn into a nightmare experience when it should be an everyday right to be able to get around safely and healthily

    I think that is an aquilegia aka columbine. I had one at my other house. You are good at growing things!

    • It frustrates me too but aside from writing letters to the council and politicians I’m not sure what else I can do.

      I think that is an aquilegia aka columbine.

      Yes! That definitely looks like it. I’ve never seen one before but there are several growing in the garden. I haven’t done anything, I assure you, they just seem to grow on their own 🙂

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