Mar Lodge, part 3

I love this place. We’ve had another wonderful day at Mar Lodge and I don’t want to leave. It has been so relaxing and although I wouldn’t describe myself as stressed my life is incredibly busy and so it has been nice just to relax and enjoy nature for a couple of days. Nature here is the best there is; it’s my favourite of all landscapes with mountains, forests, rivers, and lochs. I also love the Victorian bridges and stone cottages and lodges.





We had lunch in Braemar which is my favourite village in Scotland. It’s so cute with cafes and quirky shops that are open on Sundays – yay! Here’s the River Clunie, which runs through the centre of the village:



We saw another red squirrel and I managed to photograph it this time. Can you spot it in this next pic?


This afternoon we had a tour of Mar Lodge. Here are my pics:




The Chapel:


Mar Lodge is a very popular location for weddings and for large weddings you can hire out the ballroom for the reception. You’ll be shocked when you see what the ballroom looks like. I wouldn’t want to have a wedding reception in there. Check out the ceiling:



I think Mar Lodge is the best location in the world for a wedding but I don’t think I’d hire the ballroom. Am I the only one who thinks the ceiling is tasteless? There are over 2000 deer skulls there.


7 Replies to “Mar Lodge, part 3”

    1. They’re awful, aren’t they? If they were on display as a way to celebrate the animal and remember it in death I might like it more but because I know they’re on display as trophies it just looks dreadful to me.

  1. I hate the look of all those dead animal heads and skulls around but the countryside is gorgeous. They have some tiny rivers don’t they?

  2. I didn’t realize those are deer skulls until you said it. I’d be scared to even enter such a ballroom. Otherwise, great pics.

    Reminder to upgrade your phone 🙂

    1. And yeah I spotted the squirrel. It looks like your blavatar, just facing the other direction.

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