We’ve got pets

I decided to start a wormery to feed the plants in the greenhouse. We feed our scraps to the worms and then feed their poop back to the plants and everyone is happy.


I’m hoping the worms last longer than our leaf insect pets which all died after a couple of weeks.

10 responses to “We’ve got pets”

  1. What types of worms are those? I have seen worm composting (I think called vermicoposting) done with red wiggler worms but those look like earth worms. Or do they have a different type?

  2. Eisenia fetida, aka red wigglers (but beware common names; this one seems to be applied to more than one species), is the common US compost worm species (and are what I have). They are available in the UK, but there seem to be three other species, at least one of which isn’t red. I vaguely recall that there are many species of these worms occupying the same niche around the world. Worms not being much for traveling, I suppose they would speciate profusely. The ones above seem to be a mix of colors, but maybe that’s the lighting. Perhaps we can make them the next internet trick color meme!

    • Well I’m not going to kill them all and buy another batch so I’ll just see how these go and report back. They don’t look as red as those tiger worms I’ve seen on the web but at the same time they don’t look like earth worms to me but I’ve never had pet worms before so I’m not exactly an expert.

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