When pleasing the neighbour becomes impossible

Our neighbour returned yesterday after a two-week holiday in Crete. We specifically organised all the ceiling repairs to her flat for while she was away so that she didn’t have to be here for any of it. This is what she wanted. So naturally we thought she’d be really thrilled to see it all done when she got back yesterday.

But she’s not happy about a couple of things. One is that the join between the ceiling and the coving is slightly different in the place where they replaced the ceiling to that in the rest of her kitchen. I can see what she means but to be honest I didn’t notice it until she pointed it out. It’s purely aesthetic and as far as I’m concerned, insignificant. The other problem is that there’s a crack in her bathtub which she said wasn’t there before she went away. I can’t imagine why any of the workmen would have gone into her bathroom. The toilet is in a separate room and while they may have used the toilet I see no use for her bathroom. There’s a laundry with a sink right next to the kitchen and this is the more likely place for them to go if they needed to wash something. It’s very odd and I have no explanation but offered to ask the team for her about it.

It’s fair to say that I’m beginning to lose patience here. I think we’re starting to reach the conclusion that pleasing our neighbour is an impossible task and probably not worth the stress and expense. So far this has cost us £1980 and that’s not including our own expenses for the plumber and eventual replacement of our kitchen floor which we probably won’t bother doing for some time. It looks like British Gas will refund us a small portion of this for their role in the damage to the ceiling but it won’t even be half. The stress and expense has grown out of proportion to the original problem due to incompetent plumbers, the British Gas engineer who pulled apart the ceiling, and an unreasonable neighbour. I’m beginning to think we should have just told our neighbour right from the start to sort it out herself with her own insurance company and we’ll pay the excess. I thought that doing something nice would be a good thing but it has just been one disaster after another.

Oh and the saga with BT continues. We discovered yesterday that they changed our phone number without telling us. Ben rang them this time and they’re going to change it back on Monday.

The good news is that my sister is here for the weekend and we’re going to take her somewhere interesting today.