The leak returns

I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about my domestic problems but there are more and writing about it seems to make me feel better. So here’s the next chapter.

The new ceiling went up in the downstairs flat today and while the workmen were plastering over it water started dripping again. They alerted me to the problem right away. I had turned on the dishwasher in our kitchen before the dripping started and immediately turned it off. But there must have been quite a bit of water in the pipes because it continued dripping for some time.

We phoned British Home Care as we have continued the cover which the previous owners had on the house and it was British Home Care who came out and fixed the leak last time. The first time round they sent out a plumber who spent an hour or so shuffling around looking very confused. This plumber decided it was a central heating leak and so they sent out a British Gas Engineer instead. It was this engineer who pulled out the ceiling in the downstairs flat and discovered the source of the leak was indeed a plumbing issue – our kitchen waste water pipe. A join between two pipes had come loose.

When we phoned again about the problem today we explained that it’s the same plumbing issue. However British Home Care wanted to send out a gas engineer because they were the ones who fixed it last time. The gas engineer came out and said we needed a plumber. The plumber came out and said he needed to speak with the engineer who found the source of the water last time but not before he ripped apart the new ceiling and was unable to figure it out himself. Since when do plumbers use gas engineers to find waste water pipe leaks anyway?

So now the ceiling repairs are stalled. The neighbour’s ceiling has a huge hole in it again. Her kitchen is a terrible mess but thank goodness she’s away for two weeks on holiday. The plan is to have it all fixed by the time she comes back. The plumber and the engineer are going to rendezvous tomorrow morning to figure out who is responsible. Meanwhile we can’t use the water in our kitchen.

Oh and I got a funny letter through the post from BT today. It was addressed to “The Occupier”. Apparently one of their customers will be moving into our house on the 25th of September and will be taking over our phone line 🙂

16 Replies to “The leak returns”

  1. Oh my god you guys are going through it!….feel for you!

  2. People who do their jobs badly really screw you around and you know I had a funny feeling that you may not be done with BT yet.

    1. Yes, I’ll wait before getting excited about everything being resolved at BT from now on until after three consecutive months have passed without me having to phone them.

  3. LOL 🙂 I’m sorry but this is hilarious and would make a good comedy skit. This must be terribly upsetting for you but I can’t help myself.

    1. I completely agree. I’m finding the BT stuff hysterically funny but it’s still too soon for me to laugh about the water leak. Once the ceiling has been repaired I’ll feel better.

  4. Is it possible that you have a kitchen appliance leaking or one of its connections and the water filtering through the ceilings. It might not be the same leak.

    Best of Luck

    1. No, it’s the same leak. British gas have told us that the plumbers were supposed to come around after they fixed it the first time to do a “proper” fix since British gas are not plumbers and it was just a temporary thing. But the plumbers (Dyno plumbers) never came. We didn’t know about this but it means they are probably liable for the cost of the second ceiling repair which is good because the first one cost £1500. We’re hoping this is the case and that we won’t have to pay for it twice.

  5. Reminds me of

    There seems to be a Monty Python skit for every absurd situation in life.
    Good luck with the leak.

  6. I am sorry you have to go through this unneeded nuisance with your home. Suck it up and I am sure this is temporary. What is life if it doesn’t throw lemons once in a while.

    The Occupier (rofl). You too address them with some funny phrase, in retaliation.

  7. This British Home Care company – I have a mind that I will be avoiding them like the plague in the future.

    1. It’s actually British Gas and the gas side of the company that deals with boiler and central heating issues is probably OK. It’s the plumbing side that’s not so great.

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