In town without my car day

Today is “In town without my car day” and as big advocates of the pedestrianisation of city centre streets we thought we should go along and lend our support. They had closed off some streets to cars which was marvellous and put lots of fun activities in their place like a giant water slide, a climbing wall, bikes to ride, dancing, a giant snakes and ladders game, bouncy castles and lots of other things.




I had a go on a trike with two seats at the back, a bit like a rickshaw I guess. The bike was a bit small for me and so it felt very odd. It also felt less stable on corners than Busby.


Ben can spin a plate on a stick.  A useful skill.


The waterslide looked like fun but you had to buy tickets and they all sold out a couple of days before the event.


Aberdeen City Council has plans to pedestrianise some city centre streets. I’m not sure when it will happen but I’m hoping sooner rather than later.

3 thoughts on “In town without my car day”

  1. My goodness that’s a small trike. It looks like it was made for children to take smaller children around on. It’s nice to show people how pedestrianisation can work and hopefully get some support for the idea.

    1. The seat was very low as kids had been riding it so it might better suit adults with a raised seat but I’m not sure.

      The city council here do seem very keen to pedestrianise streets. I’m not sure how much support there is for it but my feeling is that there’s quite a bit of public support.

  2. Sounds like a great event. Hope you all had fun. That green bike kids and you are on, looks cute.

    Scottish streets have a unique vibe. Weather looks a bit dull though.

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