Frogs in my garden

My father is making a very speedy recovery now and going from strength to strength which is a huge relief. This means I can start worrying about unimportant things that don’t matter like staining white sofas.

Some new sofas arrived yesterday afternoon. We got rid of ours in New Zealand before the move and our rental came with sofas so we haven’t needed any. I decided to get Ikea sofas with white covers. White might seem like a dumb choice but my logic was that I can bleach white. Other colours can’t be bleached. Yesterday I was stuffing all the cushions into their covers and somehow cut my finger and ended up bleeding all over a couple of them. Fortunately it washed off with soap and cold water.

Elizabeth said something funny last night. Ben was reading her a story and in the story one of the characters says, “For Pete’s sake”. Elizabeth said, “Sake is a bad word, isn’t it?”. She’s obviously heard the other version: “For *** sake”.

We have two Victoria plum trees in our new garden and they’re fruiting right now. The plums are delicious. Here’s a pic:


I also found this tiny frog just beneath the tree:


He was only a couple of centimetres long.

8 responses to “Frogs in my garden”

  1. I love Victoria plums from the garden. What a great thing to have. Good luck with your white sofas, bet they look fantastic. And your frog is very cute.

    1. Thanks, Denise! The plums are so yummy. I don’t think I’ve eaten a Victoria plum before.

      1. It’s funny they’re harder to find in shops, compared with the purple ones, but they are nicer.

  2. Lots of news but the best is to hear that your Dad is fine!

  3. Soon Elizabeth will be asking why asterisk is a bad word. 🙂
    Glad your dad is doing well. I wonder if he knows he has an international following. 🙂

  4. So good to hear the news about your dad. That’s so funny about Elizabeth. She’s pretty observant. 🙂 How nice to have your own home-grown plums and a frog too! A perfect garden!

  5. Glad to know about your dad’s situation.

    You know, great decisions are always counter-intuitive. So you chose your sofa wisely. Be happy about it 🙂

    Whatever that Victorian plum is, I hope you enjoyed it. Only few things taste better than the produce of our own garden.

  6. Good news Good! We get Victoria windfalls from next door.

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