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  • Summer bounty

    Summer bounty

    I’ve got a lovely thistle in the garden that’s blooming right now and bees love it. Isn’t this much nicer than featureless paving stones and grass? It’s supporting the bee population too. I’ve discovered another use for the bumper crop of plums we’ve got: plum crumble. This was delicious! We’re also swimming in tomatoes so […]

  • Plums into jam

    Plums into jam

    We have a Victoria plum tree and this year it has been particularly productive so I’ve been making plum jam.

  • Frogs in my garden

    My father is making a very speedy recovery now and going from strength to strength which is a huge relief. This means I can start worrying about unimportant things that don’t matter like staining white sofas. Some new sofas arrived yesterday afternoon. We got rid of ours in New Zealand before the move and our rental […]