Cycle ride to Torry Battery

On Sunday afternoon we cycled from Duthie Park to Torry Battery. The city side of the River Dee was almost entirely off-road cycle paths which is fantastic. After crossing the river at the Wellington Suspension Bridge – which is exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists – it’s all on-road unfortunately. The first part is also particularly ugly thanks, mostly, to the oil industry. But once you pass the industrial part of the harbour it becomes very pretty and quite deserted.

Torry Battery is an old fort built in 1490 as a defence against the English. The original structures have long since gone and the battery standing there now was built in the 19th century as a defence against the French.


Here’s the route we took:


The Wellington Suspension Bridge is very nice:


The views from the Battery are very good and a well-known spot for watching dolphins. We didn’t see any dolphins when we were there but we’ve seen them a couple of times already, from the ferry to Shetland and then Orkney.


We also walked down to the beach so Ben could have a play in the sand:


We saw this dog playing fetch with a rather large stick:


On the side of a hill by the beach are some gorgeous wild roses. Growing up in Brisbane makes me appreciate wild roses like these, as well as all the greenery.




I also finally finished crocheting a jumper for Daniel. I started this last winter and have had to pull it apart and start again numerous times.



He seems to like it ๐Ÿ™‚