Scary movies and the boogeyman

I feel like I haven’t written a blog post for ages. It’s just me and the kids here at the moment because Ben has disappeared off on one of his spy trips. I took them to see another film on the weekend. This time we went to Inside Out. It was supposed to be a funny movie but somehow I ended up bawling my eyes out. It’s so embarrassing when that happens in a children’s movie. Both kids loved it and Elizabeth has started making a set of characters from the film out of toilet rolls:


This one is Bing Bong:


I’ve also been reading them Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets before bed which is getting quite scary. Even I’m getting scared (despite having read it once before) but I haven’t told them that. Just before Ben left to go gallivanting about Europe he and I watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on DVD. It was a great film but absolutely terrifying. Now I wake up alone at 1am and think of this movie which is not good. So I’ve told the kids they can sleep in my bed while we’re reading Harry Potter and they’re scared but really it’s because I’m scared and I’m just pretending that I’m doing them a favour when actually it’s the other way around. Maybe I’ll grow up when I turn 40 🙂

12 Replies to “Scary movies and the boogeyman”

  1. It feels to me like it’s been ages since you did a blog post too! Welcome back and people are saying Inside Out is the best Pixar film ever? It sounds it, the best children’s films always have a good cry in them. I think LD#2 will go with her friends when we get back from holiday.

    1. It was a really good film and got the kids thinking about their own emotions. I particularly liked how the film ended, with sadness playing an important role. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to feel sad and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  2. We do seems drawn, at any age, to the things that scare us.

    I wonder if one day they will read this post about you being scared. The it will be “Mummy you said ~ “. 😀

  3. Rachel, it seems that all the best children’s movies have you howling embarrassing tears. My kids had a few books with very sad passages that I would struggle to read. It didn’t matter that I read those damn books every night! I got one out recently and it still had the same effect so many years later.

    Perhaps while Ben is away you should read Mary Poppins or Pollyanna 😉

  4. I have missed your posts. You’re right. It has been awhile.

    The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo is one of my favourite movies. I have watched it several times, and have it recorded in case I get the urge. I’m not sure why. I really like the Rooney Mara character for some reason. I have this thing for tattoos. The movie doesn’t frighten me, but find the plot intriguing. complex.

    The picture of your daughter is adorable. She looks a lot like you.

    Glad you’re back.

      1. I haven’t read the books (yet) but I have them sitting on my desk at home. I wish I had brought them with me this summer.

  5. Yeah, I cried a lot at ‘Inside out’ as well, and one of my kids brought a friend along- She knows what I am like, so wasn’t too taken aback- people that are inclined to be emotional are more likely to have their feelings running closer to the surface than others- It makes them more sensitive and good at showing empathy- not a bad trait to have really- just stay away from psychopaths who cannot relate to human emotions- Even if they say that people with autism may not pick up on facial expressions of emotion, I’m sure they have the sensitivity to pick up on how people are feeling by their posture, and the general atmosphere of the people they are with-

  6. Elizabeth is so cute – a Mini You 🙂 And I love that she makes things out of toilet rolls. Bedtime stories are the best, but yeah, I used to keep mine non-scary! Funny how one is just that bit more nervous when the ‘man of the house’ is away – no matter how competent and capable a woman you are.

  7. I can’t handle even a bit of scare. I hate to admit that I am scared of nights even now. I try my best to avoid horror movies, books etc.

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