Running in the rain, bras, husbands, and apocalyptic sex

I’m just back from a run in the rain and sleet and it was glorious; the best run I’ve had for ages. I felt wonderfully alive. It’s good to suffer a little bit every now and again. Although someone living in a rich country with a warm home, running for half an hour in the rain and sleet is by no means suffering at all. But most people in my society avoid exposing themselves to the elements. If there’s a bit of rain, we take the car or postpone the walk/run for another day. Next time it rains go outside for a run or walk the dog. It feels somehow human to experience the elements every once in a while.

Further to my article about boobs from last week I’ve just discovered that bras make your boobs sag. This is according to research carried out by a French professor who studied the breasts of 330 women and found that ditching the bra can lift nipples by 7mm each year. It’s thought that bras make the muscles in the chest lazy, although the research has received some criticism. I’ve been braless all week and loved it. It’s much more comfortable.

Why is it that there’s no society on Earth where women can have multiple husbands? It’s always the other way around? It just doesn’t seem fair or logical. My husband could never cope with another wife. I think he finds one enough work as it is. But I could easily cope with more than one husband especially if they’re all like him. Some women have husbands who travel quite a bit and who are absent. It seems sensible in these situations to have a couple of husbands to fill the gap when one is away.

There’s a funny article in the Guardian this week about apocalyptic sex on an ice-bound ferry. It sounds great except that I would be worried about catching a venereal disease. I guess if everyone is about to die then it doesn’t really matter but being the cautious person that I am, I would probably want them all to be tested for STDs first.