Running in the rain, bras, husbands, and apocalyptic sex

I’m just back from a run in the rain and sleet and it was glorious; the best run I’ve had for ages. I felt wonderfully alive. It’s good to suffer a little bit every now and again. Although someone living in a rich country with a warm home, running for half an hour in the rain and sleet is by no means suffering at all. But most people in my society avoid exposing themselves to the elements. If there’s a bit of rain, we take the car or postpone the walk/run for another day. Next time it rains go outside for a run or walk the dog. It feels somehow human to experience the elements every once in a while.

Further to my article about boobs from last week I’ve just discovered that bras make your boobs sag. This is according to research carried out by a French professor who studied the breasts of 330 women and found that ditching the bra can lift nipples by 7mm each year. It’s thought that bras make the muscles in the chest lazy, although the research has received some criticism. I’ve been braless all week and loved it. It’s much more comfortable.

Why is it that there’s no society on Earth where women can have multiple husbands? It’s always the other way around? It just doesn’t seem fair or logical. My husband could never cope with another wife. I think he finds one enough work as it is. But I could easily cope with more than one husband especially if they’re all like him. Some women have husbands who travel quite a bit and who are absent. It seems sensible in these situations to have a couple of husbands to fill the gap when one is away.

There’s a funny article in the Guardian this week about apocalyptic sex on an ice-bound ferry. It sounds great except that I would be worried about catching a venereal disease. I guess if everyone is about to die then it doesn’t really matter but being the cautious person that I am, I would probably want them all to be tested for STDs first.

29 Replies to “Running in the rain, bras, husbands, and apocalyptic sex”

    1. Oh yes, I’m sure I could. But this could be because my experience of husbands, just the one though, is so good. Maybe not all husbands are as great as mine?

  1. First off, I have to tell you how much I enjoy your posts. They are insightful, thought provoking and funny.

    As for the rain, I agree. I can’t run any longer but, now that I have figured out what to wear, I love cycling and walking in the rain. I just came back in the pouring rain from a gym workout on my bike and it was the best part.

    As for the bras, I agree. I am an old man long past my prime and, I have seen my share of bras and breasts. In my mind, there is nothing more provocative that a small breasted, braless woman in a tight top.

    And, as for the husbands, I have often wondered the same thing. I understand why couples are expected to stay together to raise their children but it is unrealistic to expect one person to satisfy all of your needs, particularly over a long period of time.

    Nice post and, keep them coming.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It was a bit silly but I’m a bit silly 🙂

      Great to hear you’ve had a nice ride in the rain. Keep it up!

  2. I love this eclectic collection of thoughts! I don’t think I could do without a bra though, I like the feeling of security.

    1. Security? That’s a strange way to describe it. Do you mean habit and it feeling an odd without one because that is definitely true and something I noticed this past week.

  3. That was a fun and quirky post. I love those. It’s amazing to come with a story about apocalyptic sex on an ice-bound ferry.
    I saw a documentary one time about a tribe in India where the women had more than one husband. But in their situation the woman ended up serving all of them and no one was helping 😉

    1. But in their situation the woman ended up serving all of them and no one was helping

      Oh right. Well that’s not how I envision it at all. All the husbands are supposed to pitch in and help out 🙂

  4. If that’s the same article about bras that I read a while back they study didn’t seem to address comfort at all (it’s uncomfortable or even downright painful to run without support!), and was solely based on the idea that sagging breasts are bad (presumably from an aesthetic point of view) and to be avoided. It seemed pretty superficial.

    1. I think it’s probably the same study as it’s quite old and comfort was not addressed. It was also confined to younger women who had never had kids.

      I did go running with a bra on so that’s something I probably wouldn’t change, but it’s definitely more comfortable without a bra overall. Last week I wondered why I ever bother wearing one and it’s really just to hide my nipples. Why should I do that? Are nipples offensive or embarrassing? Women always have to cover things up so as not to offend others and I just decided I wasn’t going to bother with that anymore.

    1. Yeah, she did link to that poem but it’s a good one! I’d never seen it before and probably should have put the link in my post too so thanks.

  5. Rain: came down from the Galibier in a thunderstorm and torrential rain 2 years ago, but it was warm so wet and glorious.

  6. Re bras: science keeps discovering, red wine was bad, now good in moderation for some of us, butter bad, now good etc. etc. So who knows?

  7. But most people in my society avoid exposing themselves to the elements.
    I am one of those but this is because I have had enough exposure to rain and shine in my past 🙂

    Candid post.

    1. It’s hard to live in Auckland and not end up in a torrential downpour at some point. Be brave, risk it!

  8. I guess THOSE AWFUL MEN (!) tend to lord it over women. And we REALLY want to know it the baby is ours! People think I’m crazy ’cause I’ll deliberately step out into the cold in my shirtsleeves for a couple minutes to “cool down.” As for bras—either way is fine with me! 😀 But more erect nipples are a better are they REALLY healthier that way? And—glad you got a really good one. There are a few of us (!) out there. My wife thinks she got a good one, too (really).

  9. Yep, polyandry is not uncommon in Tibet- Hubby goes out to bring the yaks down from 6000m and may be some time…er, or might be head hunted by the local chinese militia- so it is handy to have a replacement!? I remember being in Nepal and a lady asked me ‘You, marriage?’ I showed her my hand with no rings, which, in the west generally means one is single- her interpretation was ‘5 times!’- what a legend! They have marriage necklaces there- I never thought I would actually wear any rings as I didn’t like the sensation- as for running out in the cold with no bra- brrr- Nipple freezing is bloody painful- especially in pregnancy- I made the mistake of not wearing a warm enough t-shirt a couple of times when I was and oowweee- I finally understood where those jokey nipple warmers would come in handy- I wouldn’t go out running without a bra though- it’d look like puppies playing under a blanket- I’ll admit to a frisky encounter near a castle overlooking the highway that looks down towards Perth in Scotland- apocalyptic? No! a tumble on a slightly rocking launch in the Galapagos tended to make the stars shoot more dramatically!

    1. That’s very interesting about Tibet. I never knew. According to Wikipedia one of the reasons for women taking multiple husbands is because they need more males hands to help with physical labour in the fields. Often they are brothers and if the woman has children it’s not known which brother is the father.

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