Celebrating small boobs

I recently watched a couple of BBC documentaries: My Small Boobs and I and My Big Breasts and Me. Both were good but the small boobs one was quite sad. It followed three beautiful young women who were deeply unhappy with their appearance. As a small breasted woman myself I thought I would write about how wonderful it is to have small boobs and my boobs are very small. I have no evidence to support this but I wouldn’t be surprised if most men over the age of 40 had bigger boobs than me. So what’s so great about this?

1) They don’t sag. At almost 40 years of age, and two children and five years of breastfeeding, I can still pass the pencil test. This means that when I stick a pencil under either breast, it falls to the floor. Small boobs defy gravity. Why is this so great? See point 2).

2) Bras are optional. I can choose not to wear a bra if I want to, indeed bras don’t do very much since my boobs are pert and taut anyway. Going braless can feel quite sexy especially under tight tops when the outline of the breast and a nipple is visible. I can wear a bra too if I want to but the great thing is that I have the choice.

3) Small boobs are more sensitive to touch. A University of Vienna study found that large boobs are less sensitive than small ones. The explanation for this is that large boobs contain more fatty tissue than glandular tissue and the glandular tissue is the sensitive bit.

4) Small boobs are a good filter for the undesirables. It’s true that some men prefer large breasts and that’s fine. It is a personal preference. But if someone is basing their decision about whether or not to have a relationship with you on the basis of something superficial like boob size, then they’re unlikely to make a good partner. Thank your small boobs for getting rid of them before making this discovery.

5) Small breasted women can wear boob tubes and strapless dresses at any age without fear that something will pop out and without the need for a strapless bra.

I don’t want to make women with large breasts feel inadequate here. There is beauty in all shapes and sizes. My intention really is just to encourage people to be happy with what they’ve got. Self-value and self-confidence is where true beauty lies.