Pine martens, red squirrels, and aurora borealis

The Northern Lights were on display across British skies last night but I didn’t see them. I looked out many times before bed, I woke at 3am to have another look, and then again at 5:30am but there was nothing. Only clouds 😦 Here’s what I might have seen:

I have never seen the Northern Lights. Nor have I seen a redΒ squirrel or a pine marten despite my many attempts to catch a glimpse of one of these things. What’s life all about if not to tick these experiences off our list? I can’t even say I’ve swum in the North Sea in winter since, although I did swim in a chilly 6Β°C in the North Sea on Sunday, it’s technically not winter anymore! This means I’m going to have to do it again.

Maybe one day I’ll look out the window to see a pine marten having sex with a red squirrel under the aurora borealis. Imagine that! Did anyone else see theΒ show last night?