Tree Change Dolls

An Australian woman has gone viral for her doll makeovers, although in this case, they are makeunders rather than makeovers. She finds second-hand Bratz dolls, removes their face paint, paints on a new face, and her mum knits the new clothes. The transformation is quite remarkable. It’s hard to even believe they are the same dolls.

Here are some before and after shots taken from her Tumblr site at

The make-under dolls are a huge improvement on the original in my opinion. Aside from having a ridiculous amount of makeup for a doll, the original Bratz dolls are just plain ugly. I showed my kids these photographs and asked them which they preferred. Elizabeth said she liked the dolls on the right because the other ones “are ugly”. Daniel also chose the transformed dolls because the original ones “look funny”.

Here’s a wonderful interview with the woman behind the dolls. She’s a scientist who was made redundant from CSIRO. Now she has a shop on Etsy:

14 responses to “Tree Change Dolls”

  1. I don’t know what ‘Bratz dolls’ are but the dolls in left are weird,and in no way meant for kids ! Afterlooks are so sweet and happy 🙂

    • Yes, they do look happier after the change, I agree. I’d never heard of Bratz dolls either and thank goodness for that! I definitely won’t be buying any for my kids.

  2. Wow That is amazing! Must say I prefer the Under-made dolls! They look more like dolls I saw as a kid. (I wasn’t keen on dolls myself) The new dolls are really freaky – and setting girls up to be disappointed in their looks and figures!
    Also, what a heart-warming story about that incredibly talented scientist and her Mum 🙂

    • Their eyes are quite scary. I’m surprised kids aren’t having nightmares about these dolls. Someone should make a horror movie out of them 🙂

  3. The dolls are lovely and so is their maker. The husband is really sweet too. Hope she willingly put her hand up for a redundancy at CSIRO. The government here has absolutely trashed science and cut CSIRO to shreds.

  4. I used to think about make-up. This is my conclusion: the objective is to accentuate the elements of the face, and its beauty. Reading white lines on a gray piece of paper is hard, the face is the same

    Women do make-up and I don’t think women do any wrong things at all.

    • Women don’t do any wrong things at all? Ever? Ok, if you say so 🙂

      I don’t have any objections to make-up and I wear it myself but there’s make-up that has been attractively done and make-up that has been unattractively done. The Bratts dolls fall under the latter category.

  5. Cute! This is a bit like RL – I run a self-esteem group at school and when discussing looks, they seem to prefer their friends to look more natural eg hair colours.

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