Ballater in the snow

It snowed this morning in Ballater. I was ecstatic. An Australian in the snow is a bit like a puppy with a smelly leather shoe to chew.


Ben was less excited about it.


This is the Royal Station in Ballater, a magnificent building:


The River Dee, which is lovely in all kinds of weather, was particularly beautiful on a snowy day:



We went to the local golf course with a toboggan and slid down some of the hills. I’ve never had so much fun on a golf course in all my life. Golf courses are lovely places anyway but in the snow, this one was magic.





I looked up the family name of my paternal grandmother who came from a Scottish family. Her maiden name was MacKay and apparently the MacKay clan was a courageous and once powerful ancient Scottish clan that fought under Robert the Bruce in the wars for Scottish independence. They were anti-Jacobite and apparently a bit war-like. The clan motto was manu forti which means with a strong hand. They occupied the highlands of Scotland, I think mostly the very north and west but also for a time in this region where I am now. Perhaps this is why I feel very much at home here.

17 responses to “Ballater in the snow”

  1. The ecstasy is clearly visible in the picture! 😀 Lovely pictures. I never experienced snow so far!

    1. Thank you! I’ve only seen snow a handful of times so it’s still a novelty for me and probably always will be.

      1. You are talking to someone who hasn’t yet seen one 😀

  2. Happy you got your snow 🙂 And thank you for all the lovely wintry photos 🙂
    You could be right about your roots – who knows what the genes carry down through the generations! Och Aye the Noo! 🙂

    1. Thanks, SciFi. I was pretty pleased to have some snow just outside our front door and it’s not going to melt anytime soon as it’s so cold here.

  3. Where is Ben from? I am guessing somewhere that sees more snow than Australia?
    It’s nice that you have a feeling of coming home!

    1. Ben’s from Dunedin in New Zealand which is at the bottom of the south island and so he saw a fair bit of snow growing up.

      1. Yes, he looks underwhelmed!

  4. I love that snow scene with nobody in it. lol The others are nice too. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks, ladysighs. I love the one with no-one in it too.

  5. looks terrific – admiring everyone’s wintery pictures today as snow to the north of us, snow to the south but nowt but a balmy breeze to barely sway the palm trees here…

    1. Is there no snow in the Lakes?

      1. yes, on the fells although only quite high up…so snow to the west as well 😦

        1. Bummer. Although it still looks pretty on the hills, even when it’s not on the ground around the house.

  6. I was wondering if you might have some Viking too. Glad the snow has showed up for you. 🙂

  7. Come visit. We had half a foot during the weekend. 🙂

  8. […] Ben was even more excited about it than last time: […]

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