Linn O’ Dee

FossilCycle pointed out in the comments on my post yesterday that we were just down the road from the Linn O’ Dee when we visited Braemar. If you Google Linn O’ Dee you’ll see this is a place worth visiting. So we drove back to Braemar today, a drive I would happily repeat because the views are so lovely the whole way there.

The road from Braemar to Linn O’ Dee was snowy in parts and so I got all panicky again about getting stuck or sliding off the edge of a cliff and basically nearly crapped my pants. Then when we arrived I really did need to crap and the single toilet in the carpark was closed! Oh woe was me 😦

So we dashed down to the gorgeous gothic bridge and the gorge, quickly took some snaps and jumped back into the car again in order to get back to Braemar and a toilet. The only good thing was that suddenly I wasn’t worried about the snow and the icy, narrow road as all I could think about was emptying my bowels. Ben said he’s never seen me drive so fast. I’m just at the whim of my body’s needs.

We managed to get some good pics though and it really is a magic place.





7 Replies to “Linn O’ Dee”

  1. I could never travel like that in the winter. I would never make it …. if I have to take off all the layers of clothing before…. 😦

  2. Yippee, glad you all made it & enjoyed it, even under the circumstances!! And the icicles were nicicle? It was amazing canoeing up through it in the summertime. I think the bridge is a Victorian Gothic estate bridge. The snowy wordpress theme looks good with the pics too! Win, win, win.

    1. Oh yes, it is a gothic bridge, you’re right of course. I think I read somewhere that Queen Victoria opened it too. I fixed my post. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous area and not just the gorge and the river but the surrounding forest and the views on the way were lovely too.

  3. Lovely scenery. Your story reminded me of the time I was stuck on the bus going to school. There was a traffic jam and I was dying to go. I have never exercised such desperate control in my life. Forty-five minutes of hell. When the bus finally got to its destination, I beat the world sprint record getting to the toilet across the road. Hell on earth. So glad you made it! 🙂

    1. It’s unusual for this to happen to me as usually I’m incredibly regular and every day first thing in the morning. But I’ve been eating lots over Christmas and lots of naughty foods that I shouldn’t eat like chocolate and sweets and that has no doubt stuffed up my digestive system.

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