A deliberate deception

I have a confession to make. It was the school fair recently and we were asked to contribute some home baking to sell. I bought a lemon cake from Marks & Spencer, took it out of its packaging and then wrapped it up in cling film to make it look like I’d made it. Then I gave it to them to sell. 😱

The fair was wonderful. Both the kids had their faces painted. Can anyone guess who Daniel is?


I’ve been trying to limit the sweets we have in our house but the world is against me. When Elizabeth’s kindy had the disco a few months ago, Elizabeth won a raffle prize which was a bag of sugar. At the school fair, Daniel was the kid to make the best guess of the number of sweets in the jar and the prize was the jar of sweets. He was very pleased with himself. How many sweets do you think there are in this jar?


20 responses to “A deliberate deception”

  1. I will guesstimate 100 sweets in the jar.

    I am annoyed by the candy shops keep on their counters. Last night I got my son’s hair cut and I requested they hide the jar of lollies under the billing counter. But my son still found the tray of candy and grabbed one!

  2. It’s not only little boys who like sweets. My husband has recently volunteered to do the weekly shopping. He keeps coming home with a bakery cake. He knows if I go with him I will say NO! I can’t resist later because he makes the coffee and cuts the cake. He would probably eat my piece too.
    Looks like a good time was had by all. 🙂

      • I must weigh the options. I like having my husband do the shopping because it gives me more free time to create things for my blog.
        On the other hand giving my husband a stern talking to has a pleasant ring to it. If I choose the latter he will most likely say do the shopping yourself. 😦

  3. I have taken a shop cake into work pretending it was baked – the deception lasted about 30 seconds – I wouldn’t worry as people fake entire dinner parties as made by them when it’s all from shops or caterers and marks lemon cake is very nice

    • It did look like a very yummy cake and I contemplated buying it back from the stall again but decided not to. There just isn’t enough time in the day and when the cakes at Marks & Sparks are so nice and reasonably inexpensive it seemed like a good use of my time to buy one rather than make one.

  4. Daniel’s that minecraft character. Can’t think of the name at the moment. Very realistic!

    That was pretty smart of him to guess the number of lollies in the jar but shame about the prize! It is hard to keep children lolly-free.

    Must go, have a raven at my door pestering me for something to eat. A cheeky bugger!

  5. In the book ‘I don’t know how she does it’ , I think, or some other chick -lit (man I hate that term-imgaine if they said that of George Eliot or Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen etc!) a character did something similar with an apple pie and beat it up a little with a rolling pin! Those flying saucers are amazing sweets- my fave! Look how pleased he is with his win- I’ll betcha his maths-minded dad introduced him to volume guestimation! length x width x height- my response to a teacher who once mentioned ‘Volume, please’, the kids in the class were mildly bemused!

    • I asked Daniel what his strategy for guessing the sweets was and he didn’t appear to have one. But perhaps he just has difficulty putting his strategy in words or maybe it was just a lucky guess. Who knows!

      Ben said the flying saucer sweets taste like sugar inside cardboard. I don’t know how he knows what cardboard tastes like?

      • My middle kid loves cardboard (regularly nibbles away at bookmarks etc)- maybe Ben got a bit bored at a chess tournament and nibbled the Board! Perhaps he was a bit odd, like my daughter can be at times- then again have you ever used your mouth to tear open a cardboard container? No? oh well…

  6. Sorry, my kids are too old for me to guess who Daniel is. But don’t worry about your cake deception – at least you took one. 🙂 Funniest story I ever read about this, was a woman whose cake was a flop – sunk in the middle – so she rolled up a tea towel, fitted it in there and iced it all, with the intention of immediately buying it back at the stall. But someone else bought it! Even worse, she then went to tea at a friends, and There was her cake! When they cut the cake and found her tea towel, she had to join in their discussion of “Who could do such a thing!!” 😀
    I was way off with the sweets in the jar – guessed 87! But what fun to see these “flying saucer” sweets again! Not seen since I was a kid!

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