A deliberate deception

I have a confession to make. It was the school fair recently and we were asked to contribute some home baking to sell. I bought a lemon cake from Marks & Spencer, took it out of its packaging and then wrapped it up in cling film to make it look like I’d made it. Then I gave it to them to sell. 😱

The fair was wonderful. Both the kids had their faces painted. Can anyone guess who Daniel is?


I’ve been trying to limit the sweets we have in our house but the world is against me. When Elizabeth’s kindy had the disco a few months ago, Elizabeth won a raffle prize which was a bag of sugar. At the school fair, Daniel was the kid to make the best guess of the number of sweets in the jar and the prize was the jar of sweets. He was very pleased with himself. How many sweets do you think there are in this jar?