No, it isn’t snowing in Aberdeen. Not yet anyway but hopefully it will soon. However it is snowing on my blog because I’ve just switched on the snow effect which is available for all blogs over the Christmas period.

Go to Settings > General in your Dashboard and scroll down to Snow if you want to give it a try.


It must be time to drive my husband nuts and start playing Christmas music 🙂

25 responses to “Snow!”

  1. I really have to try this!! I did think from your title that you had snow – they said it would get colder this weekend. It’s fun now we can talk about the same weather 🙂

    1. Oh really? I’m so hoping for some snow so I hope you’re right about the colder weather. It’s just not cold at all yet.

  2. I’m bugging mine with the music too. 🙂

    1. Christmas music is great.

  3. SNOW! Yay – it works! 😀 So pretty – Thank you. Now I can try to think cool thoughts as temps soar to melting.
    As for carols – I’ve been playing them for weeks already, while making the supper and washing up – but this is before my husband gets home, so he is spared! 🙂

    1. My husband tolerates most Christmas music. The only one I’m not allowed to play is Mariah Carey’s Christmas album 🙂

      1. Fair enough! 🙂

  4. Been snow on the hills nearby you recently though, have to get those low gears shifting?

    1. Has it really? That’s exciting. We’re going to the hills for Christmas so maybe I’ll see some then.

  5. The snow stops when you drive your spouse crazy.

    1. And driving your spouse crazy stops when you post a comment. The interesting digital world.

    2. Nah, the snow stops when it drives me nuts.

  6. That’s very good. Stop it, it’s coming out of my air vent. 😛 Send shovel.

    1. No need to shovel it away. Build a snowman 🙂

      1. Brrrr. Sounds a bit scarifyingly Frankensteinian to me, Igor. 🙂

  7. Snow on a Brazilian blog? Maybe if I was in the south, but not here in Rio… 🙂


    1. All the more reason to put it on your blog! You won’t see it anywhere else 🙂

      1. But, I don’t like snow, it’s cold wet slushy stuff. Nice in photos but not in real life.


      2. It’s now snowing in Rio 🙂

  8. […] snowing on my blog until 4th January. It doesn’t snow here in Rio, but our Happiness Engineer convinced me to try it. So snow it is, and snow is what you […]

  9. Oh thanks so much for this tip Rachel, I was wondering how to get the snow as I’ve seen a few blogs with it! Going to try right now…and btw, hubby loves this Chris Rea song but even he would probably say it’s too early…not me though, perfect timing 😀

    1. I see you’ve got snow too! Very nice.

      I love this Chris Rea song and it gets played to death every Christmas starting December 1st 🙂

      1. Yes, thanks to you Rachel…It’s a great song 🙂

  10. […] post script: If you want falling snow* on your blog, go to your Dashboard, select Settings in the sidebar, then General. Scroll down to the snow option and tick. Voila! You have snow till 4 Jan! I found this out from Rachel Squirrel […]

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