If there’s a car in the fridge …

I’ve never understood how someone could have a box of chocolates in their fridge for more than a few days. How do they do it? Give me a box of chocolates and the whole lot is gone in about 24 hours. Then what usually happens is I get a headache and feel sick and swear never to eat chocolate again. Until the next box of chocolates comes along and I end up wolfing it down in 24 hours as well. The only solution to this cycle is never to buy chocolate and this is exactly my strategy. I have no self-control whatsoever.

The same thing can be said of cars. Buy a car and you’ll end up using if for trips that you don’t need to. I did it in Auckland. The school was about a 10 minute walk from our house but as soon as it started raining, I’d drive the kids down to school. No self-control.

In Aberdeen we don’t have a car and this temptation is gone which is wonderful. If we had a car we wouldn’t have done the lovely coastal walk to Dunnottar castle the other week. We wouldn’t have cycled to the University of Aberdeen either. There will be times when we rent a car and this is exactly what we’re going to do over Christmas as we’re planning to spend Christmas in the lovely Cairngorms and I’m very excited about this. But on the whole, it’s easy to live in a city like Aberdeen completely car-free and so the temptation to eat the car in the fridge has vanished.

I’m a bit opinionated, I know it. Sometimes I wish I could keep my mouth shut and just have a quiet life. I’m worried that I might alienate people by expressing my opinions so publicly. But I hope that it’s ok to disagree with others and still be friends with them. So I was very pleased when one of my blogging friends recently said that she was glad I couldn’t keep my mouth closed. Thanks, Lady Sighs! I’m very happy to hear it 🙂