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  • Funny things my kids say and other stuff

    Elizabeth’s kindy put on a fundraising disco last night for charity. It was sponsored by local businesses and there were raffle tickets with prizes. Elizabeth got a raffle ticket and won a prize – a huge bag of products fromĀ Chelsea sugar. In other words, she won a bag of sugar. How ironicĀ is that, given my […]

  • The stay-at-home parent and the working parent

    I love my job. It’s so fulfilling being able to help people with their websites and most users are profoundly grateful for the support. I also feel privileged to have this little window into their lives: to see what they’re writing about and what their interests are. I feel extraordinarily lucky to have this job. […]

  • An unimportant job?

    Someone told me this week that I should get a job. Haven’t I got a job already? Is looking after one’s children considered so worthless by society that it’s not even recognized as being a valuable occupation? Sometimes I think about looking for paid work because I want the money, not because I don’t like […]