How food labelling can make you fat

This is an interesting clip about how food labelling can influence our metabolism. The basic gist is: if you think you’ve eating something fattening, then you will think you’ve consumed more and this could affect digestion. By contrast, if you eat something labelled as low fat or fat free, you’ll feel like you’ve eaten less and so likely to eat more later.




  1. Certainly true and an interesting post.

    But there is more. Low fat, Low Salt, No Additives, High Fibre ~ but check the sugar levels. It’s in almost everything (inc baked beans). Get your five a day as a smoothie but it digests very quickly and raises glucose levels. All highly processed foods do that.

    These days it’s what the suppliers don’t display on the packaging which is the greater concern and means we have to work a bit harder to be astute. Tricky little devils.

    1. Very true, Graham. I was thinking as I wrote this post how there’s a conflict between what is best from a marketing perspective for food companies and what is best for the consumer.

      And sugar *is* in everything. My problem is that I love it!

  2. Yes, I do understand. We all love sugar. I surprised myself, when I had to reduce. I used a little Canderel and just little sugar for a while and hardly noticed the difference. Eventually I stopped using the Canderel and found I was only using a quarter of the amount of sugar compared with previously. Anything more was to sweet. It showed that a taste for more had been conditioned.

    It is now years later and gradually my taste for sugar increases with use, but it is not difficult to reign it back again. The real problem starts at 50+ when we become vulnerable to the consequences of accumulating effect. The food industry has a lot to answer for. When people became worried about fats, the industry turned it’s attention to increasing sugar levels as the new hidden attraction.

    It is a bit of a minefield really. We shouldn’t really have to to be so wary. On the other hand, it’s alway been like that, it’s just that these days we are more aware. Good. The world turns. 🙂 Have an enjoyable day. 🙂

    1. I have to avoid sugary foods. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and although I don’t have it anymore, I have a predisposition to it. So although I love sugar, I try to avoid it. Occasionally I cave and indulge but this is usually followed by a headache, so I have more than one reason to avoid it. So far though, my taste for sugar has not diminished. When I’m really desperate I’ll eat raisins or have some porridge with maple syrup.

  3. Interesting research. I wonder if after some time the people would learn to estimate the right number of calories of the shake. One of the problems of modern food is that we make this learning a lot more difficult by having to many foods and an so many x-removed varieties.

    An interesting related idea, for which I only have a German video as reference is hat sweeteners make you fat. Because you taste sweet, your body expects calories, generates insulin to remove the sugar from the blood and put it to use. But then it is not coming, your energy level are low due to the low blood glucose and you move less and you are more hungry because of the low blood glucose. According to that video, sweeteners are used as cheap substitutes for sugar to fatter swine. And for humans they are marketed for slimming.

    1. Victor,

      An interesting related idea, for which I only have a German video as reference is hat sweeteners make you fat.

      That is interesting. I had not heard that before. I know artificial sweeteners have a laxative effect and I’ve also heard reports that they’re carcinogenic, but I’m not sure how credible the carcinogenic claims are. Probably not very.

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