Busby the Bakfiets

Our lovely niece, Frances, came to visit us for the weekend. She is studying in Winchester and she arrived in York by train on Friday evening. I did what any proud bakfiets owner would do: I picked her up on my bicycle and she rode in the box with her luggage all the way home.

Frances left us today and I cycled her back to the train station but not before taking a nice photo of my passenger. She looks a little cramped I have to admit, but some people might describe it as cosy.



The bakfiets has a weight capacity of 80kg but I’ve read that this is a conservative limit and it can probably handle a lot more. I certainly did not find it difficult or hard to balance. It was harder work of course, but I’m getting to the point where I find the short trips to and from school and nursery everyday a little too easy for me.

When you own a bakfiets you belong to an exclusive club. It’s a bit like having children or owning a dog. It’s easier to start up a conversation with strangers also in possession of these things and you give each other knowing nods when you pass them in the street.

The owner of Get CyclingΒ in York also owns a bakfiets. It is his rain tent that I am borrowing for Busby. He told me last week that he has at least 10 different bicycles to choose from to ride each day but he always chooses the bakfiets even though he’s not transporting children in it anymore. I asked him why and he said, “Because you command the road”.