Sock puppet

Just a quick post to warn other bloggers about sock puppets. I recently found one on my blog. These are people who comment under a false identity to make it seem like more people are critical of your posts than is really the case. In some cases, a sock puppet’s purpose may be to add numbers in praise of a particular post, but in my case, the sock puppet was critical.

How do you know you’ve got a sock puppet? The easiest way is through their IP address which is how I did it. This is not always possible though because clever sock puppets can circumvent this and some work places share IP addresses.

I found this good graphic from Site Jabber about how to catch a sock puppet and though I’d share it.


I have to say that initially I was quite shocked by the sock puppet. I sat for a good while staring at their IP address in disbelief. Perhaps I was a bit naive to think that this wouldn’t happen to me and perhaps it’s no big deal really but I can’t help but feel disappointed with the level of deception and lack of integrity of some members of our species.